---What is Felting?---

Felting is an ancient textile method believed to have originated in Central Asia as early as the seventh century B.C. Both decorative and practical felted artifacts have been discovered in Turkey, Russia, India and Scandinavian countries. Nomadic Mongolians continue to use the felting technique today to construct their houses, called yurts. Felting Frenzy Applying moisture, heat and motion to wool fibers creates felt. Felt can be molded and shaped, and, once dried, will retain its form indefinitely. Sheep’s wool is primarily used for felting, as well as llama, alpaca, rabbit, camel and yak. Felted items can also be made using hair from many breeds of dogs and cats. We humans share our world with many wool-bearing creatures. I feel each animal’s fleece has a story to tell, and hope to share the story through fiber art.

Felting Frenzy uses the olden textile method of felting as the story-telling media. Natural felt has been used for thousands of years for both practical and decorative purposes. I felt primarily using fleece from local sheep, alpaca and my own llama friends.

I hope you share in the enthusiasm of reviving this ancient fiber art method, as well as the story it tells.